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LED lamp bead_020 warm white_normal white返回

类别:Patch series   tiepianxilie
型号:YT-020WOM1- 005
颜色:White light
地址:No. 153, penggumiao District, caibian village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City



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 Made by cooperative manufacturers


公司优势 / Company advantage


 01 Experience enough

  Core team members have been engaged in LED packaging for 15 years

  60% of the members of the production

          line of fluor month have more than         8 years of practical experience

   20% of the members are the all-round 

         hands of production line

02 Strict quality control

       High standard dust-free workshop and

         automatic crystal solidification

       A series of advanced production and

              testing equipment

       Ensure that every product is produced

      Striving for the benchmark of LED industry



03 Fast delivery

   Batch production of standard products, can be shipped within 4 hours

Non standard products shall be placed within 1

   day, and 7 products shall be delivered within days

04 Good service

24-hour product consultation line.

      Quality customer complaints within 5 hours

      If the product is confused, please find 

        Yingyue to solve the problem

      Focus on light source manufacturing, your 

         trusted partner



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 Product application







 Operating instructions of LED patch

Thank you for using the led series products of Dongguan Yingyue Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., in order to improve your understanding of the product characteristics of our company, facilitate you to master its use characteristics during use, and minimize or avoid unnecessary product damage or performance mismatch caused by human factors. It is specifically stated here.

01.Material confirmation 

Whether the LED bin grades of the feeding materials are consistent or not, the brightness may be different, and the luminous color may be different when different CIE bin are used together).

02. Packaging and storage 

It is recommended that SMD series LEDs should be stored in the drying cabinet with desiccant inside. The temperature range of storage environment should be 5-30 ℃, and the humidity should not exceed 50%.

03.Preventive measures after unpacking 

Dehumidification measures should be taken as far as possible after unpacking. The dehumidification conditions are: baking at 70 ℃ for 4-12 hours. Dehumidified materials should be used as soon as possible (within 24 hours). The remaining materials should be sealed or placed in the environment of 10-40 ℃ and humidity less than 30%.

04. Operation precautions 

This product is only reflow twice, and the second reflow can be carried out after cooling to room temperature after the first reflow. The recommended reflow temperature range is 200-240 ℃. In the process of operation, it is not allowed to take materials directly by hand. There is sweat on the hands. The sweat has optical pollution on the surface of silica gel and affects the light emission. In addition, the silica gel is relatively soft, and the force of hand extrusion will lead to broken wires, resulting in dead lights. It is not recommended to Mount LEDs on curved circuit boards. Avoid rapid cooling during welding, avoid any form of mechanical force or excessive vibration in the cooling process of LED welding, and do not bend the circuit board after welding. When repairing or single material operation, do not use tweezers to squeeze the colloid surface. As the silica gel is relatively soft, squeezing the colloid with tweezers will lead to wire breakage, crush the wafer and cause lamp death. In batch operation, if the suction nozzle is smaller than the inner diameter of the product, the silicone rubber will be stamped on the nozzle, which will cause the gold wire to break and the chip will die of lamp under pressure. It is not suitable to repair the welded led. If it is unavoidable, double head soldering iron should be used, but it is necessary to confirm whether the LED characteristics are damaged after repair.

05. Electrostatic protection

LED is a static sensitive electronic device, and various measures should be taken to avoid static electricity. For example: wear an electrostatic ring during use. All devices and instruments shall be grounded. It is suggested to test the assembled LED products to check whether the LED is damaged by static electricity.


It is recommended to use isopropanol to clean the LED. If other solvents are used to clean the LED, make sure that the solvent will not affect the epoxy, silicone, silica gel and silver layer of the bracket. Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended to avoid damage to LED. If it is unavoidable, please conduct pre test before cleaning to confirm whether there is any adverse effect or potential hazard to LED.

07.Other precautions 

Long term exposure to sunlight or occasional UV exposure may cause the colloid to turn yellow. In order to ensure the photoelectric performance of LED, please keep the surface of LED luminous area clean and avoid finger print or other foreign matter covering. In the design of the circuit, reverse voltage or excessive current should be prevented in the process of switching. Avoid sharp tools such as tweezers from touching the colloidal part of silica gel during use.

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